Need help with my OG Kush clones

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  1. I was given an OG Kush clone a couple months ago. After 6 weeks of growth under all the right conditions the plant was only 6 inches tall. Come to find out the roots had gotten trapped in the starter net the guy used to plant it in. So I took 4 cuttings off the root-locked plant and planted them 4 days ago. So far they appear to be doing well, although the bottom leaves are beginning to yellow (possibly due to the plant using stored nitrogen to form roots). I'm using 4 23w 6500k cfl's and 2 40w 2700k cfl's (6-inches from humidity dome) in a 30-gallon Rubbermaid bin lined with mylar. For now I have basic Ace potting soil with 7-2-2 nutes (where I live you can't find ANY nute-less soil; eventually I'll use Fox Farm Ocean Forest) and water with bottled Poland Spring water (6.3 Ph). The temperature is 72-85, depending on whether the fan is on. (I periodically turn the fan off to let the heat build up in the humidity dome to aid the rooting process) I keep the bin cracked open with a fan drawing stale air out and space for fresh air to come in. Light schedule is 22/2 to allow a bit of rest each day. I misted the leaves several times a day for the first two days; now I simply mist the dome and wet the soil.

    My main concern is the yellowing leaves. Is this normal? Should I start adding 1/4 strength nutes?? Pics below; let me know what you guys think...

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  2. if they arent rooted yet just phd water the yellowing is normal. i would cut the leaf blades in half. u dont want alot of leaf surface for unrooted clones. once they start rooting 1/4 strength nutes
  3. Thanks. I've noticed that they've all grown, or at least significantly spruced up, so I'm thinking they've likely begun to root. I mixed up some 1/4 nutes (from a 24-8-16 bag) and gently misted the soil and leaves. I'll keep the humidity above 80% and the temp around 80 degrees and see how they all look.
  4. dont assume make sure they are rooted look into the drainage holes no nutes unless rooting u dont want to burn them! are they in soil?
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    Good point. I'll keep my eye on them tonight and over the next couple days. If they show any sign of burn I'll go back to straight up Ph'd bottled water. (I've only misted nutes onto the plant and soil once so far and won't again for at least a few days) But they've all definitely grown in 4 days, especially the biggest one. Here is a pic taken the very first night (the pic in my first post was taken tonight) to illustrate the progress.

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  6. (and yes, they are in soil)

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