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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by yuri-san, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. greetings everyone, i just bought 2 brand new fluos for my plant (in vedgetative state) and i'm rather confused at how to install it cuz it came with no instructions.There are 2 wires to plug to some power source, i've got no idea where to plug those so i tryedcutting up a normal extention cord and plugging it to the wall outlet. it works but i think its too much power for 1 neon. I'm kinda scared it'll overheat or something. i drew a general pic of what the frame of the neon looks like inside. the black and white wires are for the power to come in, the black box is where all the wires are connected.

    i thought i'd ask you guys since you probably have some experience in that area.

    if possible could anyone tell me what needs to be done or what i need to buy to get it done?

    thx a lot

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  2. Depending on the size of cord you cut up you probly got it right .just be sure the the cord that you are using is the same size or bigger than the wires coming from your light.and match the colors together.make sure that the circut you are using doesn't get overloaded,if posible single out that breaker and use it just for your grow space.
  3. it sounds like you have a fluro from an aquarium store, having 2 cables usually means that one would go to a starter box, a black box. with a starter that loos approx 50mm long by a diameter of know the 4' long fluros have them built in to the side of it.........well it looks like yours is meant to have an external one.........i wouldn't go wiring 2 wires into one plug..........Peace out......Sid
  4. as long as you attach black to black, and white to white, its fine. the ballast converts the power over for you, so your setup is perfect:)
  5. at least someone and electricity just don't get like to plug it in and then go, and anything more complicated then i get my mate who's a spark to do it for me..........Peace out........Sid
  6. great news its been a few days till i set it up and its a bit hot but doesnt look dangerous and my plant looks better than ever!
    thx for the help guys i really apreciate it, i'll think of you when i'm smoking my weed :D !

    it does make sense now i've also cheked the neon over my oven and it has the same setup, i think. So its all good


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