need help with my growbox

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by albinochicken, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. hey im about to build a grow box that will fit in the back of my closet the space is pretty limited but i want to use a 400 Watt hps light

    Now the width of the box will be 1 1/2 foot the length about 2ft 11 in and height of around 4 foot 10 in

    you think i can fit a light like that in a box like this? i figure ill have a fan blowing directly on the light and make one exhaust hole with a computer fan . . which i have a hydrohut carbonfilter .. the pretty big ones to put on because i cant have any smell

    any suggestions ? any help would be awesome since im new at this.
  2. i would think that that box is gonan be to small
  3. hm well i mean i can prob make the box higher do u think that would help? just that hight is perfect to be covered by my clothes
  4. or even, do u think that first box would be good for a aircooled reflector? not cooltube as i hear that it doesnt direct light as well
  5. its perfectly do-able with the proper intake and ehaust..

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