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  1. It’s my first grow purple queen auto from germination untel today it’s 42 day
    In 2x2x7 tent with 100w led light
    The planet so small and I don’t know is that normal ? The light distance is 12inch i defoliate it every time I see too much fan leave and fox farm feeding

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  2. She looks good, don't take anymore fan leaves off though,let her grow
  3. Ok thanks is 12inh distance for the led is good ?
  4. Sure, just raise the light as she grows
  5. So, for direct comparison, I have 2 plants in this 2x2 tent that are at 39 days from seed. The plant in the very middle is an Emerald Fire OG which is an autoflower. The one in the back right is a bag seed. The rest are clones I actually started around the same time. You can see there's a pretty big spread in sizes. The light is a 100W Vivio sun. It is dimmable so I have it about 8 inches high at 50%. Hard to say what is "good". You can really only compare different genetics, like under your set up a different genetic may seem to do "worse" or "better". For example, I'm a little surprised how slowly my autoflower is going. It hasn't even shown any signs of flowering yet, and it is noticeably smaller than the bag seed, even though they started the same time, same medium, and same light. You seem to be doing fine, if you want a faster growing plant, you will probably have to start trying other genetics. The only other thing I could add is to agree with the other poster, you might want to hold off on trimming fan leaves until it's a little bigger in the future. Most people I know don't defoliate until the plant is getting around tall enough to scrogg. Hope that makes sense!

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  6. ensure you have a small fan and position a temp gauge at top most leaf height and lower the light until you get 77f/25c after 10 mins, raise and lower the light to suit

    good luck
  7. Good advice
  8. They still look pretty good. Autos kinda start slow but once they start to flower you’ll be shocked at how fast they grow.
    Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your progress

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