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  1. Let me start off by saying im not completely inexperienced I've grown outside successfully plenty of times, however due to this years shit weather I want a more controlled environment im using a small side closet 2.5 feet by 4 feet and 5 feet tall I have one cfl bulb (the swirlly one) I don't know if its got the right stats. Being there's a size restriction I plan on keeping my three chocolate kush plants in the 2.5 gallon pots their in throughout the whole process I also bought two other bulbs ones a blue light the other is a red light. Can any one give me any tips or pointers I can buy the materials I need I just don't know what I need and almost every artical or forum I read seems to contradict each other. Thanks in advanced happy blazing yall.

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  2. More light. If you can, return the bulbs and invest in a LED panel as low as 65 bucks (300 watts). What's your grow setup consist of. If any of the pros post they will get mad if you don't state that information.

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  3. Try 250w hps with cooltube and ventilation

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  4. This is my LED grow It sprouted on July 3rd.[​IMG]

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  5. You can grow with your cfl. Just one 13w for one plant is way pushing it though.
    Go for higher wattages and you will do good.
    I dont know what to even say about the colored bulbs, you probably just wasted your money on them.

    You WILL NOT EVER flower with cfls, maybe very powerful ones and a lot of them but not this one, not even four of them would do the flowering job for one plant.

    Bottom lines though. If you are gonna have three plants in 2 ¹/² gal pots each, you will need better lights.
    If you can only afford cheap cfls for now that will be okay if you get a lot until you can purchase a real grow light.
    You may be pushing your space especially if you plan to top/fim.

    Any more questions just ask

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  6. I have two lights one on each end I was told to put a mirror behind my plants to help spead more light evenly should I do this? How big is the led panel and what's the electrical input needed for it being the set is a closet im running cords right now
  7. I only got the colored bulbs to test out I read something on how the different colors affect the plant differently it never mentioned out put or anything and its not that I couldn't afford the right ones I am unaware of what the right ones are and i wasn't about to ask the sales rep which one would grow me some good pot
  8. Also is the should I feed them differently when I grow out doors I give them a mix of mirical grow plant food and black strap mollassess once a week being they are indoors should I not?
  9. Use Mylar blankets like 2.50 re @wal-Mart. I don't know how Manny lamps you have, but if you need to buy more holders for more cfls then led panel would be the way to go. @65 Its pretty cheap when you put together about 20-30 bucks for holders

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  10. That's a good looking plant where did you buy your panel and will it fit in a 2.5 feet by 4 feet closet
  11. I wouldn't use miracle grow as the nutrients are time released.(from that I've been told) fox farm is best for beginners. The panel is like 14"x8" not to big and comes with cables. To hang and it only pulls about 150 watts of electricity.

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  12. The miracle grow I get is quick release or at least it says it is and the only store I have near that might have the led panel are tractor supply and Walmart if need be i will make a venture to Lowes but that's like a couple hours drive
  13. Miracle grow is a no no.
    MarsHydro Mars 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum ETL Certification Lighting for Hydroponic Indoor Greenhouse Garden Plants Growing 132W True Watt Pane

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  14. FoxFarm FX14053 12-Quart Ocean Forest Organic Potting Soil

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  15. Btw does anyone have an informed opinion about the small led panels selling at big box stores fof 20

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  16. One more question I read on here that as a general rule of thumb is a plant will grow a foot per gallon of room in the pot they are in is there any truth to this?
  17. Thanks for the insight guys
    Ill order the panel and redo the room when its done ill share some pictures
  18. To produce anything with the indoor grow, light is the key factor. The bulbs you use to veg aren't nearly as important as what you use to flower with....but even in veg light is important. Growth rate and production are directly related to the wattage and light quality each plant gets. For a 2 plant grow, you're going to need at least a 600 watt HPS lamp...and actually I like the 1000 watt for a couple of plants. You can flower 2 plants and give them the cream of the crop environment and pull several ounces off each plant....but only if you have the light to force them to produce. Heat is going to be your problem when it comes flowering time. You'll have to set your closet up so it carries away the heat from the lights and you keep the temps within a reasonable range. Don't discount temperature in your grow. We recently upgraded the window units we have in our flower rooms and doubled the BTUs. If I had known it was going to make that much difference in the rate of growth and the overall bulk of the plant, I would've done it 3 years ago. LOL But since the change, our buds have doubled in size and are growing at an amazing rate. So....when it comes time to flower, you'll need to make sure you have adequate lighting to get results and that you can control the temps in their area and keep them down to a nice level. The reason you get great yields growing outside is the sun. We mimic the sun with the artificial lighting indoor, but to get good results from each plant you really have to overkill with the lighting. But you'll figure that out soon enough. Once you run a couple through their life cycles, you'll begin to see where you can make changes and improve your yields. Best of luck. TWW
  19. Will one led panel be enough for my three plants if I order the one posted above ? If not what else can I do? Im not made of money but I know you only get out what you put in so im willing to invest
  20. No you would need about the next size up and run a couple cfls

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