Need help with my first grow 1 week old (root issues + general questions)

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    The diagram I included is what the root system of my plant appears to look like (No judgement lol).The root grew parallel to the ground about 1/4th of an inch, possibly even less, from the top of the soil before going downwards. Is this an issue? It appears to have made the plant unstable (Possibly just because its a seedling) and the root is occasionally exposed to light when watering.
    root problem.png
          Additionally I was wondering how my plant looks for being 1 week since sprouting. I had a ton of setbacks at the start and I want to make sure it's still on track. How many sets of leaves does this plant have? is it two or three.. do you count the round leaves that sprout first with the plant?
      Also how long until the plant outgrows this pot? In this picture it is about 5 or 6 days since sprouting so it's a little bit smaller 

  2. Looks good. i'd repot in about a week and a half depending on how much light it's getting, generally when she's obviously drinking all the water quickly and lots of roots are showing at the bottom of the pot.
  3. add a couple hand fulls of soil up to the starter(rounded) leaves and let it be for a week or two then transplant.
    remember to always transplant dry never wet.
  4. Okay thanks guys.. can anyone answer my other question though. I want to FIM/top this plant and I keep hearing to wait until after the third or fourth set of leaves? how many sets of leaves does this plant have 1, 2 or 3?
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    I wouldn't even thing about topping a plant until you replant that in a bigger pot and then wait for it to get to 1-2 feet tall.  If you top it before that you can harm your harvest more then help it..  I usually top my plants once at 2 feet tall then I top the two new tops at 3 feet tall.  This creates 4-6 great tops on a plant.
  6. O okay thanks for clearing that up for me

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