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    Just wondering what the water level should be in this bong, the green disc thing in the bong just has 5 small diagonal slits.
    Also is there anything i can use to clean it which can be found in most households? i dont have this 90% alcohol thing nor do i have kosher salt.
  2. normal salt and acetone (nail polish remover) or any solvent will do.. just rinse it well before u use again.. also a finger or two above the perc should work
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  3. It's called a turbine perc, the water should be about 1/8" to 1/4" (3-6mm) above the perc. I'd say the height of the reinforcement for the downtube would be a good indicator for water level in this bong. Keep in mind that with this kind of perc the water will drop down when you let go of a rip. This can cause the water in the downtube to rush up and wet the bowl.

    For cleaning, there really is no good substitute for >70% Isopropyl alcohol. Which should be readily available at places like DIY stores or even wallyworld. Salt doesn't need to be 'kosher' salt, any table salt will work, it's used as an abrasive, not as a solvent. It doesn't matter whether it's got iodine and potassium and what not in there. The cheapest sodium chloride will work fine.

    Yes acetone and things like paint thinner will get your bong clean. But they may leave an oil film behind. Meaning that unless you rinse it very carefully after cleaning, you might be inhaling some of the finer solvents modern petrochemics have to offer.
    Isopropyl alcohol will evaporate completely, even at room temperature, and leaves no solvent film behind. This is why it's the preferred solvent to clean a bong with.
    That however doesn't mean that it's a safe substance. Isopropyl alcohol metabolises into acetone on a 1:1 ratio. Acetone is fucking toxic. So you will still want to rinse your bong out properly, but getting rid of all the ISO/IPA is much easier than getting rid of all the acetone or white spirit.
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