Need help with my 70w hps!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by umbral, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. I recently purchased a 70 W HPS security lamp I guess it is. I have never worked with electricty so just getting the thing to turn on seems alittle difficult to me. I have many questions on how to go about hooking it up. the light comes with a large plastic lens thing, should I put this thing on to grow with?. Assuming i shouldnt attach this thing, the ballast is contained in a 8 inch diameter, nearly 4 inch tall mounting apparatise that the thing u screw the bulb into sticks out of, should I leave the ballast and other thingys in the mounting apparatise?the bulb would hand down a few inchs from that and this would really cramp my grow space. The light also as a sensor like a street lamp does, it turns on when it is dark, do I need to disable or remove this sensor device?, if so i could use some pointers on how to do this, since its wired to the ballast I am unsure how to do this. Next the instructions on wiring it are not easy for me to follow,but I am sure I can figure it out, it says the fixture needs to be connected to 120volt, 60hz power source. I dont know what the voltage on a standard house hold power outlet, but assuming it is sufficent is there away for me to connect my lamp to a extension cord and just plug it into the wall?, a yes or no anwser will do because if I know its possible Ill surely find out how to do it on my own. Any technical advice would be great but I can probaly get help else where as long as I know what im trying to do is possible and safe(no serious fire hazards due to tampering or wire melts). BTW Im planing on growing in a small cabinet scrog style so 70w suits me, also I dont want to use a noticable amount of wattage. Thanks in advance for any knowlegde you can share.
  2. Well I searched around the indoor forum and found a site called it had the anwsers to my questions.
  3. Whats URL to the page that had your answers?
  4. The easiest way to Disable the light sensor is electrical tape over the EYE

    hope that helps
  5. u should get a boulb with more whats u need 50watts per square feet u r workind with

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