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  1. Ok so I never grew before or really researched it... I live with my parents and kinda wannna..."throw a seed in the ground and see if I can get any bud..." my friend has some dank bud...and it has a few seeds in it which is weird for dank bud...But anyways..

    I wanna grow ONE plant without having to buy anything so I wanna know if it is possible and what kind of weed would I get? The seed came from dank weed...but im not going to grow it the proper way so what do you think the outcome will be?

    my plan to grow it is.. germinate it in a paper towel, then place it in a plastic cup and let it grow a little at my window..then after a few inches Ill move to my backyard and bury it flush with the soil, and hope I can get some bud..

    Would this work?
  2. no. not without some sort of divine intervention.

    you can either do lots of work, or pay lots of money ( or even both ).... but if you choose neither you will fail.

    A. Using one seed takes the odds of getting buds down by 50 %. You need a female.

    B. it is too early in the season for planting outdoors, and window grows always "stretch" . This could be over come with work though.

    C. you live with your parents, hows the "Johnny why is there a 6 foot pot plant in the rose garden?" conversation gonna go this August ?

    D. most importantly of all..

  3. so I wouldnt even get mids? I live in florida so its pretty sunny, and my dad knows...and idc if my mom finds out lol.
  4. Your dad knows what? That you smoke or that you want to grow? You shouldn't grow in your parents' house or on their property without their explicit knowledge and consent. And if you had that, then you might be able to put some resource into it. If not then you don't have an appropriate situation for growing -- you can't force growing on a situation not suited for it.

  5. no, I'm saying if you put no effort in to it. it will die in between now and October or November. THAT'S IF You get a female in the first place. You got no idea about soil conditions, & no plans to even aerate.

    has nothing to do with "pretty sunny", it has to do with hours of sunlight. Google Spring Equinox , and maybe read a little about Photoperiods . now if you were to put it in the ground in late May-early June .......

  6. I love it when people say I have Dank with seeds in it. Lol. Then it's not dank.
  7. Wharf lol you have gained my respect 10 fold!
  8. Plant it then call the cops that would Probly be the best and easiest effort solution.

  9. Not true. I had some true top shelf all purple blackberry kush i bought in oregon. It supposedly had light leaks during nighttime of flower which produced some seeds. I got 2 seeds in the half oz, so not much. I grew one of them, it turned out well! Had to harvest early due to time restraint, but it woulda been so dank. And i will be harvesting the other one in about 1 week. They both turned female and both grew dank.
    This also correlates to OP because they are grown via 4 cfl 23 watt bulbs, 3 gallon pot, miracle grow organic potting soil. Thats all. This is how you could grow, especially if your dad is cool and your mom oblivious. Im baked.
  10. well the weed was quite dank....there was about 5 seeds in the whole oz....

    My dad knows I plan to just try to grow it..

    If my mom finds out it wouldnt be a big you guys can stop making a bigger deal then it is, and try to answer my question..

    Whether you guys says it not going to work or going to try it either way..but im not expecting much.

    I dont plan on buying I guess it wont work...but if anything does happpen ill let you know.
  11. if your going to do it anyway why ask? don't ask questions you don't want to answers to. and provide better details when asking for help with a stupid idea, and you won't get such a negative response, or take two minutes to read something instead of wasting a bunch of peoples time. if you do the grow at all like you've done your research and prep, it will fail within weeks.
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    Ok well plant as sprouted and is about 5 inches tall and is still growing in a red party cup. but I have a few questions.

    1. I know I should move into a bigger pot, I was going to make one out of cardboard. But what happens If I keep it in the a red party cup?

    2.I've been growing it by my window and now that it is getting bigger I must put it outside, Will the difference of outside-inside effect the plant too much?

    Please only respond if you are willing to help, I don't want no it will not work, I honestly don't care if it doesn't work, I got further then I already thought I would
  13. Oh really? Is your dad prepared to defend you when (not "if") your mom finds out? Nice family dynamic you're setting up there.

    So very sorry, I forgot I was to take orders for you. Wait a second, no I'm not...

    How many nodes? Almost certainly that is a sign that your plant is badly stretching for light.

    So if your plan is destined to fail, and you don't want to hear that, then what kind of answer does that leave us to give you? Lies? False encouragement?

    Your plan isn't a plan at all. Growing MJ takes a proper situation, knowledge, and most importantly some ingredients that you stated up front you aren't willing to put in, namely effort and dedication. You want to leave the plant and come back at end of season you will get out of it exactly what you put into it.
  14. yes really, lol but If you want you can ask me again:p Maybe i'll change my answer..!

    I forgot people on forums don't answer questions! Dang..

    Don't know what a node is...maybe I'll look it up

    If you could read my last post, maybe you would know how to answer the question and not exactly what I said not to... In my last post I didn't ask if it was going to work or not.. I already got my answer, and it seems like a big fail. But it doesn't fail until it actually does, which it has not..

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