Need help with mini fridge grow box

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  1. Hey everyone,

    This is my first post, so hopefully I do alright. Anyway, I'm looking to start growing once I move into my apartment this fall (sometime around mid-August) and wanted to build a somewhat stealthy grow box. It doesn't have to be 100% stealthy because it will be in my closet or whatever.

    Anyway, I can get a mini-fridge fairly cheap and want to make a grow box out of it. This seems like a very good option for me, although there will be a few difficultlies. For some people that have experience w/ mini-fridge grow boxes, how did you:

    1) Put holes in the mini-fridge for ventilation w/ a carbon filter
    2) Install and determine light placement on the inside of the mini-fridge

    Please keep in mind that I am a college student and don't have alot of money, I just want to grow mostly for personal use and really only plan on growing 2 plants (maybe three) at a time.

    The mini-fridge I plan on getting looks like this:

  2. Scroll down a few threads......Dopehead_680 has a mini-fridge growbox with pictures and talks about some of the issues he ran into.
  3. If you do go with that fridge you'll need some lowryder plants, as it doesn't seem to be very big. Sorry I've never tried using a fridge before so I can't really answer those questions.

    Just wanted to say welcome to the city bro, and good luck with fridge idea. :smoking:
  4. TexarkanaTim - Thanks for the heads up! That post is pretty informative and answers a lot of the questions I was having

    The Green Man - Thanks for the warm welcome man, I'll definitely keep this updated if I get it to work
  5. Word, Im always interested in peoples results with these things.

    If you need any help with actual growing feel free to hit me up, its something I can actually help you out with lol. :smoking:
  6. I just finished puttin together my mini fridge, lighting was easy... ill post up what i did, check it out
  7. Sweet, I look forward to seeing it
  8. I wouldn't buy a mini-fridge for the purpose of using it for a grow box. Unless you can find one for 30 or less, I would lean towards a Rubbermaid grow box. That is only 8 bones and you can drill holes easily as you need. It also doesn't look suspicious in a closet. A mini-fridge in your closet (if anyone goes in there) would be an automatic "wtf?"

    But yeah, that other thread with a fridge grow box is awesome!
  9. Lol yeah, I just thought of that...It would be kind of wierd to have a fridge in my closet, but not too many people would be in there. The idea of a rubbermaid grow box is kinda sketchy to me though :\
  10. Growing stealth is sketchy lol. Your growing stealth cause its possible you could get caught...

    Just something to think about lol. :confused:

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