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  1. Hello. Been reading here allot. But now I decided to register and post.

    First of im from Sweden so my English Is not perfect. Sorry for that.

    I have grown in soil 5 years ago.
    But now I have to start growing again for some reasons I won't tell here.

    So now I need your help guys and girls.

    I need to get a harvest of 3 hg (I think its 10oz ) every month.
    I'm going to grow nirvana white widow in hydro only. I'm a carpenter so I make my own growing boxes. Was thinking of making 2 90cm x 90cm ( 3x3 )

    So I'm asking what system should I use. I grew in soil outdoors before. But growing indoors is new for me.
    Should I go with sea of green or perpetual growing? Ebb and flood or DWC? The goal here is getting 3hg (10oz) every month. Space is not a huge problem so I could make the boxes 4x4 or 2x4. But I want to grow in boxes, not in a open room.
    I have not purchased any lamps/pump/bucket yet untill I know what system I will use.

    //For example the ww takes 10 weeks to flower. And I read that you can veg in for 2 weeks in hydro. So I could make 3 3x3 boxes with 6 flowers in each och plant new seeds every month. So plant in box 1. And next month plant in box 2. And then box 3. Harvest box 1 and replant. So you get a harvest every month of 6 flower //

    So if you could throw some suggestions down and help me with a system

    Also growing in hydro I seen some people say you can veg for 2 weeks and some people say 4 week. Or should I veg untill a special height?
  2. I'm going to grow nirvana white widow in hydro only. I'm a carpenter so I make my own growing boxes

    .. this is gonna be interesting

    IMO: stick to soil as dwc needs space, at least at first a lot of space

    your lights are the vital thing the bigger the lights the higher the electricity bill..?

    not to be misunderstood

    Take a look at the autoflowers at norden seeds Cannabis Seeds | Cannabis Growing Outdoors | Plants Cultivation - NordenSeeds

    with autos space is no issue

    good luck
  3. Well. I wanted help with a system that gives 10oz per month. I seen people do 4 plant dwc in a 3x3. Right now I'm thinking about doing sog. Having 1 small box for clones. 2x2 box for the mother plant and a 3x3 for the sog.

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