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    Definitely agree with buzzer777, I got a hand me down 250w MH reflector, ballast, and bulb which originally cost my bud around 400$ (years back). Brought my grow space up to 95% humidity and 32degrees. My new leds run about 250w also (less when vegetative), but humidity is down to 85% and temps to 25. It really seems to pay off in costs and environment control and my fixture was less that 300$.

    I'm using these 10$ ratchet hangers from Amazon, and while I wouldn't hang anything substantially heavy, the led lights are definitely light enough.

    Like buzzer777 said, bending and pruning is an art you should try to learn early especially in tight spaces like ours.

    EDIT: oh and in terms of the Mylar, it's a hassle but does work if you are careful. However if it's a clean white plastic you should be good until you are ready to get a tent or something like that. On a side note, had anyone tried using those car heat reflectors that you stick in the windshield as a potential siding? They cost like 2$ per 3'x2' rectangle at the local dollar store and have the "hammered" look to them

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  2. Well, its 400W compared to 116W. But he already has the bulbs.

    OP, I would suggest removing the frosted white light diffuser (the "bulb" part of the light) on those lights. Some of them will just snap off, some will need to be cut off - its just plastic.
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  3. Yea..Like this:
    Led conversion.jpg light.jpg
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  4. Definitely will look at getting that lighting as soon as I can. What kind of s/f coverage for one of these? Like the fact that you don't need to switch anything for vegetative and flowering.
  5. Definitely starting to look at videos on different techniques.

    I did see something on those "windshield covers". Seems like they could be a little floppy but it sounds interesting as a starter. Have an old chifferobe/wardrobe that I had originally thought about using that actually might work as a home to a mother plant or a male plant for pollen. Those might actually work by attaching them to the sides. What does everyone think?
  6. I saw this same suggestion in a video I watched. In the process of doing so.
  7. Just needed a bit of back lighting for my 1st grow..Things got a bit out of control..LOL..
    'The bright lights, in the back are the DIY things (named the " Immaculate Contraption" by me LMAO)
    There is a mixture of daylight and warm white I used in flower:) March for seedlings;)
    5-24-17  Before the Flush.jpg

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