Need help with light leaks:(

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  1. Can you post a picture of your situation? Its hard for me to imagine what you would really need.
    I used weather striping and silicone sealant to get rid of light leaks.
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  3. Cut a 6-8" strip for the top and tape it to the inside(not the doors) and cut the same for the bottoms and tape to the doors.
  4. It's mostly the side of the doors have a gap when closed of about 1/4" I was going to use a zipper door made out of an old zip 2m long and a sheet of reflective sheeting I have I was going to cut it down the middle and line the zip up with it and duct tape it to the sides so I have a door in a door but no light can escape just have to try it now lol:)

    My first official grow all advice welcome:)
  5. Nice, sounds like it would work out just fine. Try and get black duct tape too
  6. Oh reflective duct tape. Either way ya tape it. Good luck
  7. i used weather stripping for doors in your house to seal my cabinet. Also if the problem is the doors dont meet the frame evenly try just adding some cardboard (wood would be better if available) to make the frame the door meets thicker so the door has more to close against.
  8. the cardboard might work for now:). But I was thinking of something that I can use for the inside the doors I have a zipper but need advise on what to use as the door it will light proof the grow I was going to use a windshield sun reflector with a zip down the middle?:) or something like that?

    My first official grow all advice welcome:)

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