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  1. Hello everyone. First timer here. In my country there are a lot of power outages and this happens on a daily basis. The electricity goes out for an hour almost 4 times a day. My questions is: How will plants react to lights suddenly going off for an hour a couple of times during the light cycle? Do I need to invest in backups? Any help will be appreciated.
    Thank you.
  2. yes to be blunt it will fuck the shit up . so what i would do if i were you is to get an (auto strand) run it 24/7 as long as it does not go totally dark they will not herm . a photo will herm . adding back up power . would cost you to much . go the auto way . these auto strands flower under 24 hours of light or less. no need for a total dark 12 hour . you should be ok like i said as long as there is some light they will be ok when the power goes out . if i were you i would think about using an auto strand and make a new post . ( using an auto strand and losing power ) lets get some other opinions on this as well
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  3. Thank you for the suggestion bryan. I think that is a good idea but I already have white widow seeds and I really want to grow them. I Eventually want to move to a perpetual perpetual grow with a couple of mother plants for clones and i wont be able to accomplish that with autos.
    I had something else in mind:
    Installing a backup UPS which supports t5 led tube lights and i already have one that is 3KVA which can support many t5 led tube lights along with a few things (fans, exhausts) when the power goes those t5 led tube lights come on to compensate the hour of no light. I know it wont be enough for the plants but do you think it will cause less havoc and most importantly cause no stress on the plant?
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  4. agreed as long at the light cycle does not go out these t5 led tubes will be more then enough to keep them happy. and a lot of people flower with those t5 led tubes
  5. Portable generators are cheaper than a UPS for what you want!
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  6. Generators are a good backup as buzzer said... you by no means need a large one if the grow isn't terribly large and they are pretty affordable and economical nowadays doesn't take up to much gas if you get the right size... I have outages too thankfully for no more than a few minutes here or there though and have no issues though it can be stressful time to time.
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  7. Yes i agree. I will look for generators too but i checked the market for UPS backup systems. A 5kva homage backup system was $300 on a promotion. I can even support a 1 ton air conditioning unit and a few t5s along with it. I dont need to support the heavy 600watt leds on the backup anymore because i can hook up the t5s to the backup now to provide light 1 hour power outage. I am inclined towards q UPS because it is quiet and easy to maintain. The battery needs checking every 15 days. The supply can be made safe by installing a stabilizer to protect anything on the ups. What do you think? Should i still go for a generator?
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  8. I've never heard of a ups lol it sounds neat from what you are saying... just go with what you think will be best lol either will work.. ups may work better in this case I don't know how they work though lol.
  9. so I've had several power outages with my grow, and haven't had an issue, but its not persistent, like multiple times a day. The most important part to a flowering plant is the 12 hours of uninterupted darkness. As long as you could work out that, you should get a plant through flower. Now that being said, quality will probably suffer quite a bit if the lights keep going on and off.
  10. uninterruptable power supply. Use them on my PC's. You would have to have a pretty damn big one to run lights and exhaust for more than a few minutes.
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  11. I was figuring it'd be some type of backup battery but I figured it would have to be massive to be able to go 17 days without requiring to be checked on with the type of power outages he says he has... so that threw me all the way off and I had no idea if maybe it was something else. But then again maybe it's a big battery on wheels like a generator lol idk no clue what they look like. But if it's rated to support an air conditioner I'm sure it could run an exhaust system and some LEDs lol.

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