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need help with kief

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by edwardvanhalen, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. hey guys, i made my first attempt at makin some hash kief or whatever it is.
    I bought a nice 4 piece grinder and had enough kief yesterday to make some.
    So i used the colophane way, i put the kief in a celophane and rolled it up, after that i rolled the celophane into damp newspaper.
    After that i ironed it, on a low setting, but i think there is a very thin layer of celophane on the kief after it was finished.

    am i doin somethin wrong, o and whats the best way to smoke kief hash, i just smoke it from a metal pipe
  2. If the water didn't evaporate your fine. That's a great way for beginners to do it, just don't get it to hot, you just want it hot enough to press.
  3. Why don't you just smoke the kief instead of going through all of that trouble?

  4. werd.
  5. imagine a bunch of ripped up toilet paper and a roll of toilet paper, if you threw the ripped up toilet paper into a fire it would burn in a second, but if you threw a whole toilet paper roll in, it would take longer

    If i put kief into my bowl and didnt press it, i would get one hit
  6. yeah but i think the celophane stuck to it, i used an iron to press it because i think thats what a lot of ppl do, and i seen it on utube but i guess i burned the celophane onto the kief because there is a shiny outside to it , thanks though any other suggestions

  7. double werd. makes sense
  8. yeah i said the exact same thing to my buddy, "man just put it into the fuckin pipe why are you wrappin it up and ironin it", but yes it makes sense to me too
  9. Just sprinkle it on top of a normal bowl or joint then.
  10. I use ur exact technique muliple times, never had a problem, I just made sure to keep the outer paper soak as fuck and pressed hard with the iron and kept flipping it and pressing the opposite side to keep the heat movin n not meltin
  11. If you can't get the plastic off. 100% then you just wasted mad keif LOL
  12. i dont wanna just sprinkle it on top of a bowl, that dont make sense. The reason i got a grinder with a screen is so i can press kief into kief hash, its fun.

    also i was talkin to my buddy yesterday who taught me this and he said its supposed to look like that on the outside, so i succeeddedd haha
    thanks guys
  13. double werd. makes sense [​IMG]
  14. Yes it can look shinny on the outside. I have seen this before. If worried just run a lighter over it a few times and you will see if there is anything on it.
  15. yeah everything is good now that my buddy told me it was supposed to look like that . So im all ready now, only prob is the grinder i got has a fairly big screen in it so im not smokin the best kief when i make it, but o well
    im not gonna invest 50 bucks on a 5 piece
    thanks for the help guys

  16. aluminum foil and wax paper. first layer (the one touching your kief) i tiny mist of water fold it over your kief like a square. next layer wax paper mist, next layer foil mist, i usualy repeat this prosses till i have 3 layers foil and two layers wax paper.foil on the inner most and outer most. press on med high heet for 2-5 min per side. cool the whole packet in the freezer or with some ice on top of it. (freezer is better). unfold and bam great tasting hash for you and your friends to enjoy!!!

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