Need help with hps wiring

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  1. Howdy folks, I first posted this on rollitup but couldn't get any response. I got my 150 watt hps ballast in the mail, followed the diagram and everything has made sense so far. However, the extension cord I bought (one with the three wires already exposed) only has color coding for the green which I understand is the ground. The two other wires have no coding or marking what-so-ever, even after stripping it back further. My question is, does it matter if the two other extension cord cables go in either order, because I would have no way of knowing which one is the black one etc.
  2. it doesnt matter. the ground is the one that needs to grounded, the other 2 are just power flowing either way so youll be fine just hook it up and plug her in. safety first of course always be careful even if its something your a pro at.
  3. Wow, you have no idea how much I appreciate you answering. I have been waiting to plug in my ballast for a few days now.
  4. Green to Green / Black to Gold / White to Silver
  5. I think as wierd as it is, black should be the hot wire. I was doing some wirig recently and was surprised to read that on the diagram for the outlet.

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