need help with HPS light

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  1. I am almost done building my new grow box..... t he dimensions are 3ft x 3ft x 5ft tall.

    i was thinking about getting an air cooled 400 watt hps but my concern is the socket on the walls in my basement.

    the house is very old and i just dont want anything to overpower and blow up or catch a fire.

    should i go with a 250w or a 400w?

    advice gets +rep
  2. 400 watts is not alot of power consumption/current.
    If you think the wiring is dodgy, just run an extention lead from another socket inside the house.
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    Hard to answer... How old is your house? Do you know how many circuits your basement has? Some old homes aren't even grounded. If your basement has only 1 circuit (common in small basements, very rare in large basements), I would plug a hair dryer into the outlet (1000w) and see if you trip the breaker or if the hair dryer performs inadequately.

    If you're air-cooling the hood, 400w is the minimum amount you'll be loading into the basement circuit. Expect another ~100w for an exhaust fan and oscillating fan. If your basement has multiple circuits, you can spread your consumption out between them (ballast on 1 circuit, fans on another). Chances are, if your basement has multiple circuits, they have a peak load of around 1600w.

    Edit: Final note, definitely get the 400w. Make sure you plan to keep the plants under your vertical restrictions. Also, your rep is still neutral, but it's the thought that counts. =)
  4. I have a very old house and running all sorts of electronics + my 430 watt HPS for Flowering and 6 florecents for my Veg room. I would first go to the breaker box to see what type of breaker you have some are 20 and some are 30...this will tell you a alittle. My main power source is in the attic where I am able to hook up either a Monster power system and or an APC system to regulate standard electrical power. This prevents surge allows you to stay on backup power during an electrical outage and also does not send that surge that trips you circuit breaker. If this does not work try replacing to a high watt circuit breaker about 10 higher than what is there, this will prevent and thus help you out alot!
  5. NEVER increase a breaker...ever unless you rewire that circuit.

    Good advice.....+rep
  6. than you all for the respnses. im not sure how you check the amps in any given outlet... do you have to but something to check it or should it say somewhere?

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