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need help with homemade glass!

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by 4Pound20OunceJ, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. hey guys, im working on a little project and trying make bong. glass on glass for the luxury and yet compact enough for my stashing requirements. :bongin::hide:
    so i've drilled an oversized hole to fit my oversized to converted downstem [couldnt find a standard to standard at my headshop that was as short as i needed it to be.] into an old vinegar bottle.

    as you can see with my bong, there is no real female end on the chamber, its just anus lol :p

    and as with everything homemade nothings perfect, and so i need some ideas on creating an airtight seal between my downstem and bong. i was thinking plumber's putty or plumber's tape since it wouldnt be in contact with high temperatures..
    any suggestions??

    ps sorry for the revolting water :p

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  2. rubber grommet
  3. he wants glass on glass
  4. Well, at this point it's almost impossible. You are going to have to do something. Finding a rubber grommet that fits will work best. It will go around the hole on the bong, and the down stem will slide down through it. You can use plumbers tape or something else pluming related. The down stem doesn't get any hotter than your hot water pipes. It being partially submerged in water helps them stay cool.
  5. Been using this setup for years. Use the rubber grommet as everyone says. It is the best way to attach the down-stem as a pyrex down-stem can't be attached to the soft glass of the bottle with heat. I put a little ring of tape or teflon tape at the top of the stem under the rubber grommet to make the upper end slightly larger for a nice tight fit. I assume you only want the glass on glass for the joint between the bowl and the down-stem because of this attachment problem.

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  6. hell yea!!! ^
    bong buddies!
    hahah thats crazy, we both used the same red wine vinaigrette
    i wanted to stay as far away from grommets simply out of aesthetic reasons.. but then again, its a homemade, so f it, i guess ima go grab me a gomet thatll fit an oversized hole, preferably in white:cool:
  7. I once made a bong just like that but with a metal stem.

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