Need Help With Heat Stress Asap

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  1. So I live in Colorado I'm about 6k miles above sea level and we've been reaching temps up into the mid 90s all week. I just transplanted from indoors to outdoors last Friday. One of my plants is having problems with heat, so i was wondering some soultions or things I can do to help it survive. 

  2. If you have shade cloth that would defiantly help to block it from the intense afternoon heat.
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    From about 90 degrees on up you should be watering your plants every day. Especialy if their in smaller grow pots or grow bags. Another thing that can help reduce heat stress on a plant is silica which can be found in sand, rice hulls and a few other things and you can also buy silica in bottles. I use Protekt. silica helps strengthen the plants cell walls making them more resistant to heat, bugs and other stuff.

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