Need Help With Growing Weed Plant in Home Made Grow Box

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Klowny10, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. So Im Makin a Stealth Grow Box thats 2 Feet Tall And 2 Feet wide thats what i have to work with for now its small but its all i have for the moement.

    This is what i have For My Grow Box

    1. 2 Feet Tall , 2 Feet Wide Box
    2. 3 100-Watt Equivalent Cfl's
    3. Digital Timer For Cfl,s
    4. Aluminum Foil for Reflective Light
    5. 2 80mm fans for intake and outake air

    I want to grow 2 Party Cups at a time but want to keep Them Short i was thinkin of Doing 12/12 from seed and Probobly to LST Them to. Like Around How much Yield will I Get? and how tall Will Plants grow? Trying to keep them Under 2 feet MAX. I know i Wont get much Yield but if i get atleast 5 Grams per plant its alright well lets just hope for the Best. They are BAG SEEDS..
  2. 0 Grams because most likely your going to get males and you cant use Watt Equivalent bulbs, also ALuminum foil is Terrible for relfecting light because it will create hot spots and burn your leaves.
  3. Well i have 23 Watt cfl's that are equivalent to 100 and imma just paint flat white instead. Will using 23 watt cfls that are 100 watt equivalent fine? and say if i got a female? around how much and how tall? because ive got tons of seed from a freind that got some from his other freind.

  4. Just because your growing in extra small pots doesn't mean your plant is going to be extra small, your plant will want to grow and you'll probably run into root problems, killing your plant. I think he's telling you your plants are going to come out male because of the amount of stress. As for lights watts aren't really relevant to growing. Not sure exactly what you look for in cfls, Id assume color spectrums and whatnot but I'm more familiar with HPS lighting where you work with lumens.

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