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  1. well although i havent made it yet i was thinking of trying to create a growbox. i would really have no trouble growing just the fact that i want this to be outdoors and not inside my house and i feel a growbox would just make the growing more controlled and better grown then out in some random spot. the only problem is i can hook up lights and crap in it but i just need help on getting a power source besides a socket because this will be outside. i was thinking of using mabee a large battery but if you know of any like power strips that run on batterys of something that would be cool because thats pretty much what im looking for but anything else would be fine to. ill probably be posting more questions on this as i move into growing but im at the building stage so thanks for your help!. btw this isnt going to be a very large grow box just holding a couple of plants
  2. You want to grow indoors but outdoor? That's just a tiny bit mental man, why not just grow outdoors in the sun? :confused: Or indoors where there's electricity? :confused_2:
  3. Just my opinion, it wouldn't be worth it to run off of a battery/generator for a small grow like that. Think about how long the lights will be on and how much battery power or gasoline it'll take. You'll run through it faster than you could replenish or sustain it. If you're set on this outdoor grow box, best bet is to just power it with an outdoor AC outlet. Does this have to be in a stealth location? Just remember, the sun could save all this trouble but it depends on the circumstances.
  4. i can see why you would wanna grow outdoors if ya live with ya parents. But a grow box outdoors? Thats pretty crazy but also quite a good idea.

    Let us kno how it turns out man

    Good luck
  5. word i found out i aint usin no growbox like fuck that shit u know? it was a pretty dumb idea i scoped outa spot where ima grow so shits all good :yay::bongin:

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