need help with germination!

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  1. I live in tx where the temperature has been hitting 90+ with high humidity..and was told by a friend to use some organic soil,and some perlite,and put it into a party cup with plastic wrap covering the top to trap moisture,and put it outside in a shaded area which ive done..but it seems like the soil has been drying up pretty fast,should i add more water to keep it from drying,or was putting it outside just a bad idea??
  2. I pmd you back bro. Grow on!
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    im in texas as well, just grow inside. it gets way too hot here, here in houston temps get well into the 100's in the summertime.

    with heat index, sometimes in the 110-120 range.

    and that method will work, try putting it (seed) in a damp paper towel, then stick the papertowel in a ziplock. then throw it in your sock drawer and wait a day or two.

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