Need help with fan speed

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mdforeva, May 16, 2010.

  1. What do you do with CPU fans that are "multi-speed" but unless they are plugged in to a computer motherboard they're set to minimum speed?
    On the fan it says:
    + Red
    - Black
    FG Yellow
    PWM Blue

    ok so I have the red and black connected to the power supply but have no idea to what to do with the other wires:confused:
  2. cut them
  3. ok cpu= computer? right?
    The four cords has four slots in the fan we're they go , in what order or how to put back in I haven't experimented. I've took my computer apart cleaned the fans and all that and usually they're all connected I mean you could unscrew the entire fan and probably put them in to how they're supposed to go , orshove in the skinny cords and twist maybe there easy as that? experiment with where to put them, it won't fuck up your computer either way.

    unless I'm so off and you are talking about a reg. fan for growing, then I wouldn't fuck with it cause electrical shit, but from the description I'm pretty sure you're talking cpu?
  4. It's a CPU fan used for air replacement for a small grow area. Not plugging it in to a computer but in to a 12v adapter power supply
  5. Just use the red and black, leave the other two unwired. Whats the mA on the wall wort?
  6. 100mA
    I just set the thing up and it doesn't seem to move a lot of air.
    The fan specs say .16A so maybe the one I have is not good enough.
  7. Ya thats probably not safe, could overheat.
  8. I would replace it with 120volt fan
  9. Yeah I will probably get a different fan :(
    thanks everyone
  10. I used a 120mm fan with a 12v 500mA port. 250mA didn't provide enough power, but I do not know the mA requirements of my fan.

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