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Discussion in 'General' started by Dreeker, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. My Topic, Racial Relations during and after the OJ Simpson Trial, i need something along the lines of:

    Although the O.J. Simpson trial was over in 1995, people are still talking about it today because of the impact racial relations had on the verdict.


    Although the O.J. Simpson trial was over in 1995, the reaction after the verdict easily shows the racial relations caused during and after the trial.

    Help me please, and tell me if these are ok
  2. I'm confused about the purpose of the essay. What's the prompt exactly?
  3. sorry bro, both of those thesis statements are pretty hollow.

    You have to put your whole point into one sentence. Its hard. Write your paper first. My english prof said to try and avoid "Because" since it makes you sound weak.


    "The verdict of the 1995 trial of OJ Simpson is an example of existential racism that is prevalent in society"

    You can go on to discuss the trial specifically, but that trial CANNOT be a thesis alone. The topic of racism is your thesis. Since the Simpson trial is your primary example, you're okay to mention it. Be sure to place a statement before your thesis that connects the paper to the real world. Then the thesis. Then provide a quick list of your arguemtns in order: i.e.:

    "Racial relations have degraded because of the OJ simpson trial, the blah blah blah, and the such and such."

    just be sure to discuss them in that order.
  4. I wrote a lengthy message in response to the original request for help, but I decided not to post it simply because I had no clue what the topic of the paper was supposed to be. For what it's worth, the thesis must answer definitively the question at hand and explain the reasons that you have come to that particular conclusion. It functions both as an explanation of your conclusion and as a truncated outline of the rest of your paper. Tell them what you will do later. While surprises are interesting in fiction, most teachers do not enjoy discovering them when reading academic writing.

    Also, I was just curious if someone could explain what "existential racism" is. :) Just kidding.
  5. Its just racism... existentially.... you know... like with existentials and shit. B ut don't forget, not matter how existential it is... its still racism. A kind of highly existential racism.

    Er... yeah...

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