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  1. Waddup everyone? So this is only my second ever grow and I think it’s going well for learning as I go. Obviously I’m having my fair share of issues but I’ve been doing well up until now. One of my plants seems to have what I believe to be a deficiency. I’ll post pics and let me know what ya think.
    Hydroton soil
    Dwc 5 g pots
    Strain is white cookie
    Light is HLG 550 rspec
    Let me know if there’s anything else you need to know.
    Oh ya, the first symptom started at the new growth with yellow tips and I perceived this to be a toxicity so I dilluted, and then the yellowing on top seemed to get better so haven’t added any nutes so it’s basically flushing the toxicity but now these orange like spilts are popping up on the middle leaves and starting to hit the top growth.. I think it might be copper deficiency.. lmk what you think.

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  2. Second thought, it looks like a phosphorus deficiency so I fed bloom nutes and will see how things go from here.
  3. What kind of water do you use

  4. what’s happening P? Thanks for stopping by, so the water I use when first fill my bucket is tap water, and then from there on out I only use bottle water by the gallon to top off as needed until it’s time for a res change. Then it’s rinse lather repeat, and I’ve had no issues with this method so you think my water source is doing this?... I added phosphorus to the bucket and I think it’s getting better, I will post some new pics here in a minute and see if you thinks up with it.
  5. So here’s an update guys, the lambs breath are looking great to me but I am now on day 35 from seed and am only seeing preflowers right now. My research says they should be starting to flower around 20-30 days so I’m wondering if it’s just a longer growing auto as I’m growing a pure sativa Jamaican landrace strain. What ya guys think? ... I’m also growing white cookies, lavender Jones, lemon tag, head cheese, and Bruce banner.
  6. Here’s a pic of the lambs breath, lmk what you think guys. If there’s anything I could differently let me know fellas
    Stay medicated.

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