Need help with Dutch pro fertilizer

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  1. Hello everyone.
    My plants are 7 days old and i gave them food for the first time today, so im using the dutch pro a & b but on the chart its written 2.5ml for L a & b.
    I put 2.5 ml from a and 2.5 from b, is that wrong?
    Please help.
  2. First, dont feed for a few weeks atleast they have the food they need for now. Usually feeding starts at 3 weeks into the plants life.
    But it should be per gallon. So per gallon of water you put 2.5ml of each.

    Double check with the website.

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  3. No its Liter
  4. I don't feed until at least 14 days .seedlings have baby food until 3 sets of leaves risk nuking them ...if you feed to early...SOME strains can handle it ..MOST can't so be patient those first 2 weeks.


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  5. So what should I do?

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