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  1. I need some help. Organizing to start my first grow. I purchased a LED light and have been reading about recommended distance from plant. Some people say 12" or 18-20". My question is this recommended distance from plant for the entire grow? From breaking soil to harvest time? Thanks!!
  2. Ur going to have to adjust as it grows there no real standard to it I start my sixth week of flowering 2mah with just two week until harvest and also depending on ur size led u will need more I have 300 watt led and still isn't enough but u can get by

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    I keep my light 28-30 inches away when they first sprout... after a couple weeks I'll lower it to 22" or I'll drop it to 16-18" once they are a decent size and currently in flower I'm keeping my LED 12" away with no bleaching or any other problems.

    There is no one distance fits all... different stages benefit at different heights... I'm having great results with my mars hydro 300. Stayed a nice short bushy plant genetics are going to play a big role in how stretchy the plant gets [​IMG][​IMG] my plants standing in at 16" tall and she's starting to fill out nicely and in week 6 of flip so roughly week 5 of flower.

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  4. I find a balance between coverage and distance....early on ivwant the plant bushy so i put it about 12 to 15 inches.....but before i flip i want a little more height, i move to works

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