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  1. im sure this gets asked a lot but I need to know what size diffuser I need to get ill be ordering off of aqualabtech, all their sliders say like 14/18mm, /14/14, I was also wondering what the first number n second meant so I know, now I did the "dime test" and I can fit a dime into the opening but it wont fully fall through so does that means it 18mm? I have a picture showing  measurement of the opening, thanks for the help

  2. Can I see your slide?
  3. pretty sure it's 18 if the dime fits inside.  It won't fall through cause it tapers.
    14/14 is used in a 14mm piece and with a 14mm bowl
    14/18 is used in a 18mm piece and with a 14mm bowl
    18/18 is used in a 18mm piece and with a 18mm bowl
    first number is for the slide joint (the joint the bowl slides into), second is the ground joint (the one that slides into the tube).  
  4. thank you, big help. should be ordering a alex k showerhead diffuser very soon now   :smoke:
  5. unfortunately it broke and I threw it away I do have the bowl which is the same size as the ground joint if that helps
  6. Ok well the other dude helped you out I guess, if your pinky fits in it, it's usually 18
  7. this joint size is 18.8MM

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