Need help with diagnosis, help please

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  1. So im kinda having a problem with my babys therr
    bout a month an half old i got yellowing on edges
    an black spots over most of the leaves on the
    plants all the bottom fan leaves have been severly
    damaged an fell off and lots of them have dropping
    leaves an purple steams

    I have a 4x8 tent
    2 600 watt hps
    I used ff happy frog soil
    Been watering with my tap which friends of mine
    that grew before said that was ok
    They started from clones no nutes added other thrn
    cal/mag cause i thought they had cal/mag
    problems an i have already transplanted thrm from
    3 gallon buckets to 7 gallon buckets cause they
    were getting root bound

    Any advice would be great i really dont like this
    happy frog soil it is really acidic

    Also added garden lime to balace ph out cuz it was
    at 4.9

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  2. Epsom salts. 1 tbsp per gallon. Foliar feed it a little too. It'll help unlock the roots quicker. Looks a little locked up. Epsom salts should help.
  3. You should let your tap water sit for about an hr before you water too. It'll let the chlorine air out. Chances are that you have hard water and the minerals locked it up. No more cal mag. Could have too much calcium in your water.
  4. It wont lower ph right? Cuz shits already low cuz of that happy frog soil
  5. I let mu water sit for 24 hrs or more
  6. The salts won't lower ph.
  7. How much should i use per gallon?
  8. Is it hard water?
  9. Jus tap im not sure of ppm but the ph is right
  10. Do about 1 tablespoon per gallon.
  11. Im starting to think its a k def but ima try the epson salt see if it helps
  12. It could be. Good luck.

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