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Need help with determing amount of weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by qsamplejohnsmit, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I would like to know if this looks like 1 gram to you. It was $10 was it worth it? Also how much should i put in a joint? half of that? (the joint is only for me)
    and i'm new to grassity so hi everyone!

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  2. that looks like a good dime close to or a gram, of dank bud it weighs .4-.5 here, and 1 gram for good bud, 2 grams of mids
    edit: put half in a joint, save some for later
  3. Looks like a gram to me I guess, but I see a seed.

    Slightly dissapointed in the stupid baggie though.
  4. looks about right man. ten is about average for a gram of anything decent. if its really good then you might have gotten a good deal. try rolling your first one with about a third of it but make sure you get any stems and seeds out. also if you have a few extra bucks you might want to invest in a little zigzag rolling machine for easy rolling.

    welcome to the city!
  5. looks good to me! :smoking:
  6. Yeah that looks like a good deal. some dubs are only slightly larger than that, and only have a gram which go for $20
  7. Looks like a legitimate dime, I'd use about half for a J. If you're new to smoking and don't have much rolling experience you should grab some papers and do a few test rolls to get the hang of it. There are some good stickies on rolling that are worth a look.
  8. I live in SoCal, and if you aren't buying from the club, youaren't going to get a good deal.

    That my friend, is a great deal for $10 for where I live. That would be about $20 on the streets bro.
  9. Thanks everyone for the help, i live in Canada just to let you all know, and i was wondering what type of weed that is and if its common where you guys all live (its what i normally get where i live), and im going to roll my first joint tonight with some of that weed and ill try you guys updated on how things go.

    Thanks again everyone
  10. My advice is pick up a scale. You'll spend 20 dollars, if that, and never have to worry about being ripped off again.

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