Need help with cfl bulbs

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 14norte209, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. ok so my question is what kind of cfl bulbs do i use ??? Im only growing one plant im planning on planting the germinated seed today so how many whats do i need for now and what kind of cfl bulbs (2700k,6500k,red,blue,etc...)
  2. good question i have the same problem
  3. In general people recommend 6500K, or "Daylight", bulbs for veg and 2700K, or "warm white", for flowering.

    As far as watts go. Use 23-26 watt bulbs. At first you will only need one. Keep them about an inch or 2 from the canopy to be most effective. Be sure to either buy, or make one yourself, a reflector to use with with bulb. How many you need depends on a lot of factors, but the more the better in general. Personally I would never use over 100 watts of energy for CFLs or fluoro tubes of any kind. Once you get past 100 watts it's better to just go with a 150+ watt HPS. I use CFLs on my seedlings for the first week of their lives. After that I veg with a 150 watt HPS before being transferred to the flowering tent with a 1000 watt HPS.
  4. I'm going to order a 125w CFL grow light, will that be good enough to grow a few plants with?
  5. yes i myself have a daylight 6500k 125w cfl and the same for warm 2700k so i have two in total. i only use one at a time along with two 55w 2700k cfl's i got from walmart for ten bucks a piece i think those are great extra side bulbs for the money

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