Need Help With Buying A Computer For Video Editing

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  1. I'm starting a course in September for editing, and I've had about 6-7 computers in the past that have just died on me eventually. I use Sony Vegas at the moment, and After Effects, and my current computer lags when playing the preview screen, and freezes quite frequently when I'm using it. Money isn't an issue, I've been saving and got money inherited recently from a deceased family member, so I can buy top-range. I just need something that won't lag, even when using full 1080p video files, and that won't freeze or glitch when I'm trying to edit.
    I've done a tiny bit of research but I'm stumped. I've stumbled upon three computers, but I need other opinions - 

    The Toshiba Qosmio Laptop (I'm aware I should probably get a desktop, but the specs surprised me)

    The Asus Essentio Desktop

    Or, the Acer Predator AG3620-UR20P Desktop
    Any responses will be greatly appreciated :smoke:
  2. For that type of work why not buy Mac?
  3. I was considering it as well, but I forgot to search up the specs. Also, I edit with Sony Vegas which isn't compatible with a Mac. I plan to eventually (in a few years) step up to Avid, and I don't think that's compatible also. 
    If there was a Mac that would be better than all of these computers, I probably would just make the transition to Mac and Final Cut Pro. I just need to know what's the best possible computer I can get, I'm sick of wasting my money, ya know?
  4. Fuck all that, build your own PC that's more powerful for less money.

    Are you going to be gaming, or just strictly video editing?

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  5. I've wanted to do that, but I wouldn't know where to start haha. Just strictly for video editing. I have a separate desktop I'm keeping for anything else. 
  6. i built my first pc a few months ago, it's easy. I thought i was going to fuck shit up but everything worked out first try. It's pretty beast for what i paid for it. I followed this guys tutorial

    He talks like an asshole but he makes it really easy to follow lol
    If you decide to do it let me know and i'll help you pick out some parts. It will be way cheaper and better than buying a pre-built.
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    Appreciate it, I'll definitely consider it. I can't watch the video at the moment because I'm on my girls laptop and the rooms filled with people so it's pretty awkward haha. Thanks though, I'll check it out later tonight.

    So it's definitely better to just build your own from scratch rather than buy top-range? I just need to know everything for sure, I've wasted too much money on computers that just fuck up haha.
    Way better, you're gonna save yourself maybe a couple hundred. The best part is you customize it to look however you want.
  9. Yeah plus you can upgrade it in the future.

    If you want to do this, many people in this firm can help you out. It's pretty easy, the parts fit together like Lego's. Picking the parts is probably the hardest part.

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  10. Soooooooo much better to build your own PC. 
    and once people see it they will be like damn bro build me one? lol 
    can end up making money by doing that if you wanted. 
    you are in UK i think if i remember correctly, im not sure of good sites for you as most of the sites i use are USA based. im sure there is a couple europeans that can help you with good sites to use. 
  11. Well I appreciate it guys, gonna ask my Dad if he can help me out with it since he knows his stuff a bit. As long as I have a super-powerful and reliable computer, I don't mind, especially if it saves me some money :D
    Thanks for the help :metal:

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