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Discussion in 'General' started by Quickquestion2016, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Hey yall, im sure ive got a good idea for a new bong piece.. i have a good concept but i have no idea how to make glass.. it would be greatly appreciated if anybody that has been or has known someone to have been through the process of going from idea to design to production? My main concern is the idea to design aspect where a glassmaker could just run off with it after i speak with them.. is a glass concept even something you could patent? As you can tell, i only have an idea but not much info about this process.. open to any and all suggestions/info from people who have experience with this.. thanks
  2. Make a prototype out of plastic. Your first attempt doesn't really need to work well, it's what we call a proof of concept.

    Also, years ago we used to describe the product in as much detail as possible (words, pictures, whatever it takes) and the slap her in an envelope and send it to yourself via old fashioned mail. Don't open it just keep it around. This will be dated a certified somewhat legitimately so at the very least you can show that you had said idea on whatever date it is it get processed.

    You could also try to find one of those "maker spaces" where for a fee you can access cool equipment like 3D printers and a good assortment of tools.

    Guess it all depends how serious you are. Also consider that glass blowers and stoners have been pondering a new mousetrap for decades so odds are it may already have been made. Don't let that dissuade you though, you may actually have something!

    Good luck duder
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  3. Think outside of the box. Use bamboo

  4. Your mind is already being read to steal the patent before you can get it made yourself.

    Thank you, naïve one.

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