Need Help With Bong Construction

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    Decided to construct my first bong but I have some questions to ask
    What is the usual length of the tube of a bong?
    It's 34cm but I have no clue if I should leave it as it is or shorten it
    Is the bottom of this tube fit for a base?
    The diameter of the tube is 4cm but I'm stuck on whether or not it's better to use the tube as a base, or connect it on to a bottle, and use that as the base. 

  2. They range anywhere from 6"-6 ft.
  3. Yea just tighten that couple lug bolts n throw some rubber seals in the hole and you can prolly get a piece down at a HS for 15 that'll plug that nylon confluxuator.
  4. Just remember to let the flux dividuator sit in a dark room overnight or you'll risk running the OSM meter too high
  5. Motion for sticky

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