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Discussion in 'General' started by Hydrosiss, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. got a red bacardi bat ebomb yesterday found the exact one on Ecstasy data

    I dont understand what the sites telling me... Example: MDE:8; MDMA:5; MDA:1

    can someone please explain?

    also is MDE or MDA bad for me? in those doses?

    thanks in advance
  2. MDA is -METHYLENEDIOXYAMPHETAMINE aka the love drug
    MDE is -methylenedioxyethamphetamine aka EVE
    and MDMA is -methylenedioxymethamphetamine aka ecstacy/adam

    SOOOO I would ASSUME that this is the chemical makeup of of the bacardi bat's makeup.
  3. yeah i know that...

    MY question is is mda or mde harmful to me? and are the doses they explain high?

    also what do the numbers next to MDMA,MDE, and MDA mean?

    ive rolled plenty of times but only from pure mdma
  4. no mda and mde have similar effects as mdma.
  5. You can't even be sure that the pills YOU'RE getting are the same as the ones on that site. People use the same colors/presses all the time. So 1 red bicardi might contain different shit than the next red bicardi... Get my point?

    Check my siggie for info on X and also search google for yourself.
  6. MDE/MDA shouldn't be anymore harmful than MDMA would be, so don't worry. And to answer your question about the site, it's basically saying that the pill is 8 parts MDE, 5 parts MDMA, and 1 part MDA which pretty much means it's like 1/3rd MDMA...but that should have you feeling quite nice if you got the same pill. I'd pop 2-3 of em for a good roll.

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