need help with Arizer Solo

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  1. a few days ago i got an Arizer Solo, and I've read about it online and watched videos so I almost know what to do. When I'm using it, the first 3-4 times I'll get clouds and for the rest of the session I don't get much out of it... I heat it to 4. 
    Any tips? 

  2. Are you waiting 15-30 seconds between hits? If so, either your bud is wicked low quality or you might want to warranty replace your solo - I can get vapor on a 3 or 4 for the full 12 minute session, and then pump it up to 5 or 6 for at least another 6 minutes

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  3. I know it's not the weed because I always have the same good stuff. Do you take long slow hits? I'm wondering if it's maybe just my technique... 
    I take long slow hits. Slow hits make the vapor thicker because it doesn't decrease the temp as much when you take it slower. I also keep a screen in the stem, as to make the surface area of the weed larger (grinding finer makes the vape more even).
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    ditto, love my solo
  6. Hello mate,

    Just to say - there is a learning curve with the solo even though you'll be able to work it straight out the box.

    I suggest packing the weed less firmly in case that helps, or
    Putting more in.

    The previous posts are spot on tho, if u have a dodgy unit then that's what warranties are

    Pic below shows I did arizer ;)

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  7. Er dig even, planet vape will be your friend if u wanna get vape-bonging with the solo, I was concerned spending £100's on vaping kit, but health is more important than money and arizer kit seems decent..

    Just my tuppence worth, have a chilled Sunday evening all

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  8. Yeah I agree with the post above. I get tons of hits. But I also stir the bud around every 6 minutes or so.

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  9. I also own a solo but i havent been using it lately because it doesnt seem to hold a charge anymore. I can charge for 2 almost 3 hrs just to have it start dying out after my second session of use. Idk whats wrong but the problem has caused me to not even mess with the solo anymore.

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  10. My solos battery stopped lasting as long,before each bowl would last 30 minutes and I know it only supposed to be 10 minutes each until the timer goes off but it lasted 30 and I could get 12 bowls out of a full battery,latley the bowls only last bout 10 minutes then the timer goes off and which is normal but now I can only get 5 bowls if I'm lucky on a full battery anyone else experience this?

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