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Need Help With Air Flow For Grow Box (Intake/Exhaust) (Pics Included)

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by raw tunes, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. heres my current set up


    that is the shelf im refering to in the drawings
    and keep in mind when the fans are going the doors will be closed

    here are my ideas
    let me know which ones will work
    im leaning to #1 or #2 just because it will be the easiest and cheapest.
    but im not sure if theyll work well enough

    Exhaust 1

    Exhaust 2

    Exhaust 3

    Exhaust 4

    Thanks in advance for any ideas
  2. that big open space up top where your exhaust air is going through the same time your intake air is won't work, your going to need to use ducting to get the exhaust air out entirely, otherwise it will just circle around in there and go right back in with your plants.
    so #4 is the only one that will work. and you should also have the intake holes on the bottom of the box, so that the fresh air passes up through the plants before exiting out the top.

    you don't even need an intake fan, just have the exhaust fan at the top, then cut some holes in the bottom of the box to bring air in.
  3. so how about this
    i cut holes in the bottom and holes in the shelf
    and then put 2 exhaust fans up the top
    so its pulling air all the way through
    and then i dont have to mess with ducting

  4. yeah that should work just fine, and if it doesn't, just throw some ducting in there, it's cheap anyways.
  5. im thinking #4 would be the best
    i dont think if i cut holes in the bottom and just have it pull air all the way through it would get enough air
    is that #4 going to be enough air
    with one fan blowing in and one blowing out
  6. Hey, didnt you have another thread too? Glad to see your moving onto the vent stage.

    I like #4 even if you decide to mod it like this;

    This option will work, however #4 will give you more efficient airflow, and step 1. in the ability to filter done. (assuming your fans are good of course)
  7. how is #4 good air flow? it will just suck the intake air right out, with the exhaust being right next to it.
  8. Yea, i kinda meant a combination of #3 and #4 is easily mode able/move able (I assume thats just a rough drawing), and if setup properly will bring in lots of fresh air and provide stem support imo. Fans at the bottom as well would be more efficient obviously.
  9. i think #4 could bring in fresh air
    it wont be much air flow on the plants in the terms of wind and stuff
    but it seems like it would bring in plenty of fresh air
    its a constant circling of air

    and then i wouldnt have to cut the bottom

    and the fans i have are nothing special
    theyre just clip fans from walmart
  10. why would you ask for help then when you get it and have it explained to you turn around and say your idea is good or better.if you have your mind made up do it your way then when it fails come and ask why!!!!!!!!
  11. jeez man
    i took the suggestions into consideration
    i just dont feel like cutting holes in the bottom
    no one whos suggested anything
    has seen my actual setup and knows how little air flow that would create

    and i only said i wasnt doing one idea
    im still doing what some people said
  12. #12 Ienjoysmoking, May 30, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 30, 2010
    I have a question. I'm setting up a grow box, and the only issue I have is air flow. What i was thinking was having a fan/blower of some sort (like a stanley blower or a can fan - I'll definitely take suggestions here - lower costs preferable) and this leads through 4" ducting to a DIY Carbon filter. The exhaust i just described would obviously be mounted on the ceiling of the box.

    My real issue is intake and smell. With the exhaust system described, what is the best method for creating an intake system that will not leak out smell? I feel cutting holes on the bottom may not cut it, but if somebody has done this, and it does work - please let me know. Any other suggestions are more than welcome.

    Thanks, IES

    Also - I need to be almost 100% silent with the fans. Any suggestions there? Also give me suggestions or tips on the exhaust system if you have any.
  13. Hey gc i have a question i have a ak 48 plant that is in it fourth week of veg and i just had to flush it due to high ph and nute lockout iv been using a shity soil and last night i really seen that when i was flushing my plant. i wanted to know how can i make my own mixture of soil and would it be to late or to dangerous to transplant my girl now i have already transplanted once.

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