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  1. Hey all . I hope you are well. First time grower here. I have a this white widow auto flowers in a 3 foot tall tent under. 450 watt LED . Everything was fine until I woke up and she looked like this . The temp was 83 and there had been a heat spike which made the temp range into the 80s this week.

    Any idea what's wrong ? I assume it's heat because when I moved her and water her she already looked better
    I am no expert however and really appreciate your time

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  2. I'm not sure, but I figured that my comment would bring some more attention to your thread. A few questions for you though:
    1) What is the distance between the top of the plant and your light?
    2) Do you have a fan extracting hot air from the tent?
    3) Do you have a fan for internal air circulation?
    4) How frequently and how much are you watering?
  3. First of all, thanks so much for taking the time to reply . The tent I am growing in is 36 inches tall . The plant is in a 5 gallon smart pot (I am thinking of transplanting into a small container to get more distance from the light . The light is 450 watt LED and hangs 16.5 inches above the plant .

    I do have exaust but it is quite janky . It is a simple fan blowing air out the exaust vent. Same goes for intake . I have ordered some inline exaust fans with venting . However I am uncertain how to use the tubing in such a small place .
    I also have two small fans clipped to the post in the tent for internal circulation .I water every 2-3 days depending on dryness if the soil .

    This is only day 3 of veg so I've only watered once in this stage .

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  4. Also I moved it to my.sun porch and it seems to be better


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  5. Nice call on moving it outside. And, I'm happy to provide my 2¢. If everybody on GC took a few minutes to respond to new threads, we'd all have plenty of help!

    I'm a LED grower too, and I always keep a minimum of 21" between the top of my canopy and the light. With LEDs, it is super easy to light burn your plants.

    If you're going to transplant, do it very soon. It's typically recommended that autoflowers not be transplanted, but if you have to grow it inside that tent, then you'll definitely want to transplant it to a shorter pot. If you removed your LED and threw several CFLs in there, you could keep your current pot. CFLs can basically touch the plant without harming it. I'm exaggerating a little bit, but 1-2" from the plant is totally fine.

    In regards to your ventilation setup, good call on getting the inline fan. If you have space outside the tent, you can actually set it up outside the tent with ducting running to an exhaust port. If you want a carbon filter, search around for DIY carbon filters. A few people have thrown up tutorials for filters that are pretty small, and they use inexpensive materials like panty hose and pen holders from Staples.

    In regards to your intake, personally, I do not subscribe to the theory that intake fans are necessary. Exhaust fans pull air out of the tent, right? And air has to enter the tent in order for other air to be exhausted, otherwise it would create a vacuum and no air could leave the tent. When an exhaust fan is used to pull air out of a tent with no intake fan and just a screen taped over an exhaust port, this is called passive intake. I'd rather have two exhaust fans and passive intake because it will exchange the air inside the tent more quickly. Again, just my 2¢.
  6. Wow thanks a ton ! Ya I moved her to the sun room and she looks much better. The thing is with the size of my tent , I can't really get the led light that high . Could you recommend a quick cfl set up for 2 plants ? I got the 450 led light assuming I'd be growing in a much larger space . However we moved and I now have to use stealth so 3 foot tall tent is the best I can do .

    I am going to get the exaust setup today and test it for a couple days before putting the baby back in . What you say about intake makes sense . I have several flaps on my tent I leave open to get fresh air in along with two small fans inside to circulate .

    Thanks again for the reply !
  7. Yeah, I'd recommend CFLs for your setup. I've never set any up, but there are some pretty easy ways to do it. You can get quite a lot of them in a small space. Be aware that you will want two sets up bulbs -one with a higher temperature and one with a lower temperature. The color of CFLs is rated in Kelvins which is a unit of measurement of temperatures.

    Look through the lighting FAQ on the Grow Room Design forum for some tips. I'm sure that you'll find some examples without too much difficulty

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