Need help with a homemade bong

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by Zkellz, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. i have an empty scope mouth wash bottle and i want to make it into a bong. i have made several water bottle bongs so i kind of know what im doing i just want this one to be perfect. You guys have any tips on what to use as a slider? and to how fill it so no air can come out of the hole? Any advice would be great thanks

  2. I've found that if you use black tape and a pen wide enough to jimmy a slide out of it will be the best

    I don't know why, I always gotta stay high ©_©

  3. Trust me I've made a bong out of a m&ms mini tube lol

    I don't know why, I always gotta stay high ©_©

  4. i was thinking of using a pen but i dont want it to be to narrow, i have the metal tip of a pen to use as a bowl piece it works real nice
  5. Yea you need a fat pen i (very luckily) found one that my glass bowl fit perfuctly with an o ring it was spectacular! That was outta a faygo 3 liter bottle though. Lol great times trying to think of whacky ideas right? :lol:

    I don't know why, I always gotta stay high ©_©

  6. damn im done making it, just packed one quick bowl and i hits like a fucking brick wall, wow. i lit a candle and heated up a pocket knfie and made a perfect hold in the bottle that just fit the pen, then i made a carb hole at the top. its amazing
  7. got any pictures? i'm interested in doing something similar but it'll be my first time.
    I have a baby bowl - mine could probably work too similarly! haha what kind of bowl do you have size-wise?

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