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  1. So for my brothers birthday I wanted to get his a new downstem for his bong, because he broke his recently. The only problem is that the downstem is about 10" long. I don't have a picture of it to show you guys though :/. But the problem is that all off my local head shops, and I've searched a couple of the more popular online places and I can't fine anything over like 7". Has anyone seen one anywhere or have any advice?

    Edit: I found a picture of the bong lol

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  2. Do you know what brand the bong is?
  3. Sorry man, I really have no idea. He does't live near me so I've only even used it like once.

  4. You should ask him. :p

    I can't find any downstems that long so far, but if we knew the brand name of the bong, maybe we could find a replacement downstem actually made for that piece.
  5. Well as soon as he's off work I'll give him a call and let you know what he says :) and thanks for the help!
  6. So he just got back with me, and it's an unbranded bong he bought at a LHS. The writing on the front, which I thought was a brand, is actualy something he did high one day lol
  7. Google "free downstem" and check out the first site that comes up.

    I've never used that site before so I can't say how legit they are, but it looks like they can do downstems as long as 10".

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