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Need Help With A Deal!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PipeUp, May 27, 2009.

  1. Hey folks :)
    I currently have two connects atm, not the most realiable, the first guy; got me into Weed and Hash.. never rips me off, is a good guy.

    the other guy, i've known him for years, but we dont hang or shit..

    ok, the first guy "A" can get me Pollen Hash, 2 ounce, and another Q..
    for 120 pounds, thats like 240 dollars.

    and the second guy, whos never sold me before, said he can get me 3qs of "maybe white widow" for 120 pounds..

    but he doesnt grow and sell himself, he would go to a friends and get it..
    but i have a feeling he'd take the money and go.. because he hasnt sold to me before.

    i asked him how we would go about buying it, and he sais:

    yer paranoid!lol
    al b in a car n pick ye up if a kin git it

    so if im in a car, maybe i have less chance of getting ripped of?


    i want the white widow (even if its not, i prefere grass!)
    but im a little paranoid!

  2. He sounds sincere, he DID use "lol" after all.
  3. lol!
    i donno what to do man :(
    cos if i get ripped of, its not just my money, its mines and a few of my mates..
    they'd totally disown me if i got ripped of :/
  4. #4 Saul Goodman, May 27, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 27, 2009
    Yeah I don't know, man. The best advice I can give is maybe bring one of your buddys with you.

    (fine no weapons)

    You've got to understand dealers can get just as paranoid as buyers, if he sees you with one of your friends, he might think "shit, I'm going to get jacked, its 2 against 1".

    So just work it out with him, you know?
  5. ask to go with him and make the deal yourself, or tell him you want to see the bud before you give him the money.
  6. ah yeah. but i dont even know if ill be goin to the dealers house,
    the dude thats gettin it for me who knows the dealer,

    but he said he'll be picking me up in a car..
    so i guess id be in a car lol, a wee bit safer..

    id probably take my penknife :)
  7. Buy a little bit and try it out. Its better to stay away from shady dealers. From past experience it sucks. Could be a good source in the end or just a headache.

  8. aparantly the dealer only sells it in ounces at a time :/
    but the guy im paying etc (who will then get the bud)

    i know his family etc (who im sure disowned him for pot.. not a good family)

    but.. ive known him since i ws like 7 lol, but i dno if he'd rip me off still :( on msn:

    mic. - says:
    will i be going with you then aye?
    fk nose duno yit man (wink emotion here)(thumbs up emotion here)

    this dude buys weed ALOT though! so if i got my foot in the door with him, maybe i could find myself a really reliable connect.. im unsure :(
  9. If you've known him for that long, and you know his family or you have friends in common, then he probably won't fuck you over.

    I mean, you ARE in a car. The worst he could do is pull a weapon on you and tell you to get out.

    Just ask to see the product first, then make an even exchange.

    You should be fine, dude. And like you said, get your foot in the door so you can get to the higher ups ;)

    EDIT: And what the fuck does "fk nose duno yit man" mean? Haha.
  10. i dont think ill be able to see it first, as i will probably be waitin in the car, while he goes in and does the deal..

    still, im starting to thing ill be fine.

  11. Well, I did that for my first deal (and only so far), gave him some cash, he said he has to go to his house to get the bud. So I'm freaking out thinking he ditched me, but he came back and all was good.

    Dealers are just trying to make a living. Most of the time people aren't out to fuck you over. Just honest blokes, you know?

    Don't get me wrong, there are some shady dealers, but there are some shady accountants, too. And shady business executives. It's all relative.
  12. yeah, but im not paying the dealer himself

    im paying some dude i know, who will then pay the dealer for the weed..
    which makes me paranoid about him running away with ma weed :(

    but, i think its all good.. ill be in a car :]
  13. ask if you can go with me to meet the guy, simple as. if he says no ask why not and say you only want to make some good friends with connected people
  14. You could ask to go with him. It's a sticky situation, but, if all fails, you live and learn :)
  15. dont be fucking stupid, encouraging people to take weapons.
  16. yeah if you guys drive in his car to the dealers house the chances of him taking off with your weed are slim. i doubt he would abandon his car to smoke some free weed.
  17. Sounds like everything is going to be fine. I mean you are going to be in his car. So if he steals your money and runs. You have his car. Seems like a fair deal to me.

  18. I'm saying if it makes him feel more comfortable, take protection like a friend or something.

    It's his decision what he wants to do, he wanted advice, I gave him mine.
  19. gove sensible advice, he lives in kircaldy, not compton.
  20. Your advice wasn't any better.

    At least I'm trying to help the guy. No wonder your rep is red, you're pretty fuckin rude.

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