Need help with a 4' X 2.5' Closet Design

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  1. The closet is 10 feet tall..
    no Outlets inside of it but right to the right outside the closing door there is one.
    can someone design me a closet grow for 1 big plant.
    what would be the best light to use etc.
    im new to designing rooms but im sure you people can help me out!!!
    approximatly the room is 4 feet wide.
    2.5 deep
    and 8 tall
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    I plan on growing 2 plants.
    Or just one huge plant
    Heres my plan so far.

    Shopping list:

    214$ grow light - 250W HPS Sun System 2 Enclosed Ballast Grow Light

    2x rubber maid bins


    2x fans




    Co2 boost bucket? - if anyone has a link to a thread to make one.
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    Basic Sketch:
  4. How are ya going to do your intake? How many cfm are you going to pull?
    Cooling an air flow are just as important as your lights. Though a 250 hps wont be that hard to cool.
  5. This is the part that i dont know. I made a design and was hoping i could get some help, I am stuck from here on.
  6. ok my room is 4x2x5 im running a 250w hps/mh with built in ballast.. im using a 4" vortex (171cfm) to suck air out of the room and use a fan inside to circulate the air.. im using 1 5 gal bubblebucket for now till i get the hang of it and then ill ad more the built in ballast light like i have doesnt have a hole for suckin heat off the light.. so my plan is to drill a 4" hole on the side of the hood (theres a spot to do so) and route some ducting in there and out the vortex should cool it a lil temps go from 79-88... some times pushes 90 but thats just cause my hut is upstairs in a hot room...cant wait for winter!!
  7. do you have a thread?
  8. no i havent started a thread...i proly should lol

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