Need help wiring thermostat to fan (PICS)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by qcorn, Sep 21, 2009.

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  3. If you look in the box behind the wires it tells you what each is for. Black is the common, Red is Heating(its closed until the temp you want is reached) and Blue is the cooling side (goes closed when the Temp. is reached).

    Be careful with Electricity!!

    PS search this on google:pECO TF115-001 wiring diagram
    you should get the PDF file for the Nema Data Sheets all the specs on your T-stat.
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    I tried 2 combos, both resulting in turning off all electric in the room switching the breaker :(. The fan came on at first but when I turned the temp dial it shut all electric off at the rooms temp

    first was black to black, blue to white, green to green
    2nd: black to black, white by itself, blue to green

    all I ask is some experienced electrition to tell me what wire to connect to what

  5. Green is almost always ground (earth). Black and red are almost always hot and white is almost always neutral. I say almost always because there are some instances (ex. HVAC) where the color standard doesn't apply. I'll look at the drawing and let you know in a minute.
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    thanks man I really need to get this to work, my grow room has no ventilation atm.

    I looked at the diagram (T115).

    It seems pretty strait forward, blue (cooling) connects to neutral, which is white.

    The rest seems common sense, black to black, green to green.

    I tried this again, hooking up black to black, blue to white, and green to green.

    Same thing, kills all power when I turn the thermostat to room temp. Maybe i;m not connecting them properly? I am just putting the thermostat wires into 1 end of the plastic connector of my inline fan with respect to color.
  7. That white wire is not hooked to any wire on the t stat. Really do you have the supplies to do this.
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    I'm not sure what you got so I really don't want to try and tell you what to do if I'm not positive myself.
  9. no no blue cooling means hook your cooling device to this. Red heating device.
    you need more wire or what do you have.
  10. I know on there is a guy that is an electrician and answer all kinds of ?'s
  11. here are pics of what I have done so far

    from these I hope someone can explain the proper hook up

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    Hey try this if you have some wire nuts .Make sure its Unplugged. Take the white wire from the cord and the fan and hook them together. Ok then connect the black wire from the fan to the blue wire from your tstat. The black wire from the cord is hooked to the black wire on the tstat. and all greens hooked together. I would use wire nuts on all connections. The white wire is the neutral wire and should not be ran thru the Tstat or any switch in general.

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