Need help what’s in my pot plant!

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  1. im growing outdoors. I used organic food in the soil to feed the plant. There are these wormlike larvae or something in the top of the soil I’ve been looking everywhere online to figure out if it’s a harmful pest or what it is! I used plant-tone all organic all purpose plant food. Please help! It’s not a infestation or big problem yet but I don’t want it too become one. I live in Massachusetts it has been rainy and a little chilly lately! Below are pics of the plants then upclose pic of the worm like things! They are less than an inch long but they are def visible!!

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  2. Looks like fungus gnat larvae, here's a pic from the interwebs that I found:


    These guys will turn into flying gnats that are considered MJ pests, can't remember what they do exactly, but it's a commone MJ pest/problem so there's lots of info on this site and elsewhere. Hope that's helpful to you and good luck.
  3. Thanks !! I saw that too but I wasn’t sure if that was what they ate!
  4. Grab yourself some neem seed meal or something with chitin brother!
    Neem seed will repel them if I’m not mistaken and chitin will break down their larvae.
  5. Gnat larva will eat the roots of the plant but the lava is tiny tiny.

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  6. If it's fungus gnats I'd mix in crushed oyster shell in top layer of dirt then lay down an inch of sand that will stop adults coming back to lay more eggs but these look like fly maggots to me which shouldn't harm your plants roots or the plant

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  7. A mild diluted sulotion of 3% hydrogen peroxide will kill the larvae.
  8. Look way too big to be gnats to me..

  9. Caterpillar/Beetle borers, wreak havoc. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. White fly larvae, fruit fly larvae.
  11. Imidacloprid. Kills most plant sucking, eating, biting, licking insects. Most widely used agro insecticide in the world (as of 1999, wiki). Single use, 1 tbsp/gal. Completely effective within 36 hrs.

    Amused to death.
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  12. This plant was super resilient. This bitch borer worm got snuffed out, and friends.

    Took a good 4z off her. White Widow.

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