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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Superjoint, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. people I have serious doubts about our server performance, especialy the shop, please if you have time, could you take some time to browse thtough our whole site, especialy the shop and the checkout system, make a fake order until you must enter a creditcard number.

    Please let me know

    what kind of errors do you encounter, could you please specify when and where this happens while you are using our site?

    what seems not logival when you browse thorought the shop

    what kind of op operating system are you using

    what kind of browser

    what is your connection speed

    how is the perfomance of the shop, is it excellent, acceptable or poor?

    how does the forum perform for you, in comparison with the shop?

    I realy need some input on these issues, if you can ask other members who have some time left and would like to help me out, i would aprecaite it! All those bugs I encounter make me crazy!


  2. l,ve been having trouble connecting to grasscity[not a lot but enough].All other sites appear fine.

  3. please specifiy the troubles, when, where, why, error messages ??? all info is usefull!


  4. Mainly timing out before site loads or only getting to the front page then timing out.Error message appears saying trouble with server.l,ll take note of times in future,but mainly about this time of day [early morning here]

  5. This is something that I've really been pondering for some time. I'll do some serious research into this at work tomorrow when I have all my "tools" with me. Expected a detailed report in your box tomorrow by end of day Mr. Superjoint!! :)
  6. no problems at all with the forums, every page loads within 3 secounds, and i almost never get a error

    the shop is the same, no problems with check-out either.

    im running Win XP
    IE 7 i think, whatever the newest it
    DSL connection thru router if that makes any difference.

  7. Same thing's happened to me...
    I'm not sure what the times were, they seemed to be happenning at random...
    Doesn't happen too often...

    I placed a real order about 2 and a half weeks ago and it seemed to work perfectly well, if I recall correctly...

    I'm using Internet Explorer...
    Windows XP...
    Cable connection...
  8. I have had many troubles!

    Sometimes it takes a long time to get in......sometimes i just get a navigator error...

    At times when I reply I get the navigator error..

    Sometimes I leave the city because it's too much trouble to look or post.. This happens in the evening for me... That would be morning for critter...

    I thought it may have been a problem with MSN or something..

    All the other sites I visit work great....

    This morning everything is running smooth and fast!!!!!!1

  9. what system, connection are you using and what kind of browser?
  10. I have Directway satelite connection.

    Windows XP

    Internet explorer
  11. SJ--

    Check your PM's, my results are in. Hope this helps you friend. :)
  12. Today, when trying to track a package I have been receiving errors.

    500 :: Internal server error

    The server encountered an error executing the script you requested.

    If you want to report this, you can send an email to

    OS = Windows ME

    Browser = IE 6.0
  13. I'm still loading slow at times and sometimes the replies takes a little time..

    I'm having my guy check my system... I don't have any problems on other sites though!!!!!1
  14. SJ don't worry about my problem... Internet explorer was having some kind of problems and now I'm kicking ass and taking names!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I browsed the shop (will be back to order!) and before I could get to a page where I could place an order, I frequently loaded blank pages while changing categories. Frustrating. I also experience this in the forum. Also the forum is slowww loading. I use DSL, OS is windows ME, browser is Netscape Communicator. In the Mixed Media section of the forum I have to use Internet Explorer. Thank you for this cool place! you are greatly appreciated, SJ
  16. since I've been using Internet Explorer to access the City, I've not had the problems I previously did using Netscape. Again, thanks Superjoint!
  17. oh no ...
  18. BTW I use Mozilla 1.5b on a XP2000+/1GbRAM W2Ksp3, through a 2mb adsl line (i'm freaking) .
    I've only one problem to report regarding the forums: the addictiveness; and one concerning the shop: the priceses.

    (doesn't hurt to try ;)

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