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Need help understanding why videos take forever to load.

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by mcupkim, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. When on my laptop....if I try to watch a you tube video...or really any video, it stops & plays...loads, plays. Even when the video is fully loaded & it still stops. Soooo, I figured my laptop was old & filled with junk. So, I purchased a Tablet for my son & a tablet for my wife. Same problem. Videos wont play correct. Even news clips or any type of video. Movie trailers etc. Why on my brand new tablets cant I watch a 2 minute video without it stopping & restarting. I even make the quality the poorest. It plays a bit better but still stops and then plays...stops & plays. It takes 10 minutes to watch 2-3 minute clip. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!!
  2. Go to speed test and post what your speeds are. Probably your internet
  3. OK, thanks. Ill try this now & will post an update of what it says. Thanks!
  4. its your wifi or internet connection in general probably as others have said

    does it do this on a Ethernet connected device?
  5. Results.

    Ping: 105 ms

    Download Speed: 0.95 mbps

    Upload Speed: 0.28 mbps
  6. I dont have anything connected with ethernet wires...Im all wireless. Should I try connecting my ethernet cable to my laptop? I can try that if it would help resolve my issue!
  7. Now my results are as follows.
  8. The website is telling me to download a faster web browser...Google Chrome. Does this matter? I use Firefox &/or Internet Explorer.

  9. Your previous tests were .95 and .28. Is there a . in front of your new speeds too? :p

    I'm going to go ahead and assume so since I highly doubt you're getting 92mpbs.

    So basically, your internet is just terribly slow.

    I have basic Comcast Internet and my speeds (on are at 16.44mbps download and 3.83mbps upload right now.

    What kind of internet service are you using? Is this satellite internet? Cable? DSL?
  10. Yes, there are .'s in front. I potsed fast & figured you guys would know what I meant. I have Verizon DSL Internet service. Not Fios because its not available in my area. But Verizon tells me that it is quick...or should be. Oh yeah, and its Internet via my phone line.

  11. Are you in a pretty rural area? Those seem like the speeds I got with Verizon DSL way back when we had it at my parents house a decade ago.

    If you're in a particularly rural area, then you may not have any other options. Maybe you already know that. But your internet is super slow and that's why you're having trouble with YouTube vids. :p
  12. Yeah your internet is just HORRIBLE. i feel bad

    my grandma's house has better internet and she doesnt even know how to use it lol

  13. I can almost sympathize.

    My grandmother purchased the very fastest internet along with a $1000+ computer and she uses it to check her email on AOL.

  14. Oh boy....I live in Buffalo NY. Its crowded...Im not in the woods somewhere,lol. Its a pretty big city. Would anything help? Verizon told me that it would be fast. I thought it was my laptop but like I said I bought a couple tablets & my son cant even watch a Sesame Street clip! And why doesmy "server" say Hamilton Ontario? Thats pretty far from here. I do live walking distance from Canada. Could it be that Im getting pinged to the wrong tower or something.....or should I just upgrade to FIOS? Thanks for ALL the help so far....and for the sympathy!
  15. oh boy. sorry, those are some horrendous speeds...

    you are going to need an upgrade
  16. So an upgrade is the only answer?
  17. So how come some people with Verizon DSL have no problems watching videos...but I do? Just wondering. I plan on (when my contract is over in February) switching my stuff around, cable, internet, phone etc. But I do know people with Verizon DSL and they have no problems....that Im aware of!
  18. Get Fios if you can afford it. Best internet ive ever had.

    also its because not only is your shit DSL, its wifi DSL lol. thats just the worst setup possible....
  19. i second the fios recommendation...


    ^ Ethernet connection

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