Need help understanding how to feed my plant

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Toke Daiily, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. my headies plant is now in flowering stage.. and its time to feed it.. now i dont really understand how to do that?? people have been saying molasses but i dont get it HELP ME..:bongin:
  2. need more info.

    what nutrients have you fed so far
    what kind of soil/hydro
    pics are great

  3. im not sure what you mean by soil/hydro.. im using some miracle grow soil. and the only nutrients i have fed it was 10-10-10 which i knoow is very unbalanced, especially for a plant in flowering.. and yes i will be updating pics everyweek..:smoke:
  4. He meant are you doing a soil or hydro grow. Do feedings every other watering.

  5. What do i feed it?? and how much??
  6. Dude get alife... You either are soil feeding or growing hydro. So which is it? I tend to think that hydro is a lot easier to grow in. You can control the amount of nuits that are needed for the plant.

    I find soil a bit trickier. I find that you need to check on nuits a lot more than with hydro.

    Do yourself a favoir and look into the easiest way to hydro grow. I promise you won't regret it.
  7. seems like you need a life insulting him on a mj forum. he's obviously uneducated and how would you expect him to pull off hydro his first grow?

    there is a thread on molasses feeding

    as far as nutrients go to a hydro store and get some foxfarm liquid nutes but since youre using miracle grow soil you probably went to home depot which you can use tomato fertilizer since you havn't done much research. goodluck :wave:

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