Need Help Turning Oil Cartridge Into Cooking Oil

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  1. As the title says, I’d like to turn a pen cartridge or two into cooking oil. I have extra cartridges and would enjoy them much more as edibles.

    I think it’d be a simple task; I mainly need suggestions as to the best method for extracting the oil from the glycerin or whatever additives that fill the cartridge. I can come up with a cooking oil recipe on my own.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. Sorry, can’t be done, imho
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  4. Y’all trying to tell me you can’t reverse engineer cartridge oil. There’s gotta be a way
  5. There's probably a way that scientists could do it in a lab.. but I don't think you'll be able to do it with stuff you have lying around the house dude lol
  6. I’m a Chem E
    You can not separate the chemicals in your home.
    Just smoke it or open the cartridge and wipe the oil on a joint or something.
    If you must, open the cartridge, decade the oil, mix in hot coconut oil and put it in brownies.
    The oil tastes like shit. It’s not made to be eaten.
    I use shatter and crumble. You can eat this very easily.

    Party on little Garth
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    My solution is to warm the carts and pull the plug to drain the oil. Mostly they don’t want to drain, so use everclear and a syringe to inject and withdraw from the cart. Most of the alcohol will evaporate naturally from this solution and is then ready for a decarb (could be BHO or other non decarboxylated oil.)
    From there it’s ready to cook with. I made edibles that were just fine with oil from unused carts. But mostly I use this to make cream for my joints.
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