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Need help: Took a test on Tuesday

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highflyer23, May 13, 2010.

  1. I smoked on Thursday and smoked multiple days before that, including eating some firecrackers. I started my detox Friday by drinking a lot of water and exercising. I did the same Saturday, the same Sunday without exercise. On Monday, the day I thought I had my test, I took a Ready Clean, but I would have had to wait another hour and half before my test (had already been 4 hours since I took it and I bought a at home test which I passed). I drank a lot of water and tea that night, with a lot of exercise once again. Tuesday morning, I took another Ready Clean, and I took the test about 2 1/2 hours after I drank the Ready Clean. Do you guys think I am fine? Should I smoke tonight or wait for the results to come back in case I need to do this process over?
  2. I also drank Acai berry stuff and other juices to help clear my system. I wanted to dilute with anti oxidants and all as much as possible before taking the Ready Clean, I'm hoping that this would help either detox me all together or I would be so diluted that the Ready Clean wouldn't need to do much work.
  3. Could someone please help me, if I can smoke, I'll be able to do it shortly and I need an answer. :smoking:
  4. i would wait it out just incase they test u once more or something but thats just me. and another thing they have stuff to find out if u smoked even if u masked it with the drink so hope you pass your test
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    A major problem with detoxing is everyone is always trying to take an easy way out. It takes the average person over a month to detox, given they are not changing anything except stop smoking. I dont understand why people think they can do it with some hocus pocus concoction you buy at the store and 4 days... The only 100% way to pass a test is to get clean in advanced... I've done the research to know that most detoxes tell you to drink tons of water and drink their concotion or take some vitamins, and most of them don't actually detox you. They only mask the THC, or they are the dilution method in a bottle (Bottle has B12 vitamins and Creatine so your sample doesnt appear to be diluted, from all the water you drank). Just remember these companies are not out to help you, they are a business and businesses are out to make money. VALE detox for example is identical to the dilution method, except you drop 50 bucks for 1 time instead of spending 12 bucks on a bottle of creatine and niacin, which you can use multiple times. And water is easy to get free.

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