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  1. Yo Guys

    I bought a 150w hps kit. and the ballast it came with is electric and has no wiring instructions.i just wanted to make sure i have put the wires in there correct pretty sure its ok as the light works and the ballast itself does not get too main concern is the earth wires,,most ballasts have a place for earthing but mine dont.maybe its already earthed inside????.I have the lamp wired perfect as its only common sense to wire that, butany advice would be greatfull on how the ballast it wired. heres some pics of ballast and how i wired it and of course a picture of my baby girls:smoke:

    Thanks Mandy

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  2. just to add. the brown and blue wires on the right are feeding the lamp and the other 2 are going to the plug socket.and the 2 earth wires are just joined and covered.

  3. Bump.. anyone????
  4. looks good keep us updated.
  5. all good its wired correct. thanks

  6. quick update
    ballast going good
    check out my sig if you wanna hav a look at my grow.

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